• Smart Mobility With Big Savings
    Travel around town without spending a lot of money on gas or car repairs, renting a bike could be the most practical choice available to you.
  • Designed For The Modern World
    Our bicycles are designed for the modern world. They're light, they're compact, and they're very easy to use without breaking your bank!
  • Insured Licensed Rental Services
    All of our rental services are fully insured and licensed. You can rest easy knowing that your bike is safe with us!
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Company History
We are proud of our humble beginnings.
Idea of renting an bicycle
At the very beginning lies the simple idea of renting an electric bicycle. The project was called "Green Rental Bike" and was launched on 1 April 2010.

The idea was that we rent bikes to people and in return, the customers leave us feedback on what they think about their rental bike and possibly write a few words about their experience while riding it.
We went international
Until 2015, our business was only available in New York. As it grew, we decided to set up an online store so that our products can be purchased everywhere in the world.

One of the main reasons is that traffic infrastructure in most western countries is very well developed and many people choose bicycles for their daily commute to work or school.
We modernized our e-bikes fleet
Now, we have a bigger and lighter electric bicycle fleet compared to a few years ago. Our first model was a bit too heavy for the average customer. Now, our bicycles are designed with a focus on comfort and ease of use. The new design is very sleek and beautiful.

The body is made from aluminum which makes it lightweight yet sturdy. When it comes to components, we went with Shimano for the derailleurs. Their best model is called Deore XT - this gives you accurate shifting and up to 3 gears on the front chainring (for higher speeds).
We continue on our mission
We know that our business model has a significant potential to reduce traffic congestion. This is why we're passionate about providing fast and convenient transport solutions for people all over the world.

We believe that renting an e-bike can be part of your daily routine just like cooking, cleaning, working, or taking care of children, so why not do it?