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    Three Mile Island Bike Rental Service

    We make renting a bike easy and affordable. Three Mile Island Bike Rental Service is growing into a viable business that helps connect all the amazing bike trails around the world. The team is passionate about biking and we love to help others enjoy the beauty of biking.

    Our mission statement is helping people get out, explore, and enjoy the beauty of this planet, from a bike seat and we do just that! We rent out bikes in different sizes for children, adults, and even your dog.

    Our Renting Fleet
    Look at available bikes that fit your needs.
    Our Pricing Includes
    Bikes for renting at low prices.
    Features of Our Bikes
    We offer modern bikes for every need and use case.
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    Why Choose Three Mile Island
    We're the best and here's why!
    Fully Insured
    Rental Service
    We are fully insured for your safety and comfort. We will provide you with any assistance you may need along the way.
    Different Types
    of Bikes
    We have a variety of bikes from the best manufacturers, including electric bikes that can go as fast as 20 mph.
    Smart Mobility
    for Clients
    We are proactive in helping you go green when renting a bike with us, and we also maintain a fleet of electric bikes.
    Designed for
    Modern World
    Our service was designed to be as efficient as possible, so you can get a bike on demand and go on an exciting adventure.
    Call us to reserve your bike with us
    +34 61-588-6962
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    All our rental fleets are focused on providing a seamless renting experience.
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    Instant Flexibility, Agility & Freedom to Go Anywhere, Anytime
    Take advantage of our fleet of excellent bikes.
    Get Free Helmets
    We want to keep you safe, so we’ve included free helmets with every rental. Our helmets are DOT approved, meaning they meet all federal guidelines for motorcycle helmets.

    You don't have to worry about anything when renting a bike with us. We provide helmets to keep you safe, assistance throughout your trip in case of any issues, and fully insured service to ensure your safety. Our focus is on making biking easy, fun, and safe for everyone everywhere!
    Renting an electric-scooter
    Our service allows you to rent a bike or electric scooter without having to worry about parking. When you are done, just drop off your bike where it is most convenient. We'll come to pick it up and prepare it for the next rider.

    This ensures that you won't have to spend any time looking for parking, so you can stay safe and enjoy the ride.
    High Rating
    Customers have left us top ratings for our service. They are happy with how comfortable, safe, and enjoyable riding with us is. We’ll make sure you have the same experience.

    We've consistently been one of the highest-rated bike rental services in different areas. You can also read our reviews on Google or Facebook! We are extremely proud that we have the best customers in the business.
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